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EAX is calling upon all able warriors to step up...  It is time for WAR!

Disconnections or Game/Lobby crash

  • If a player disconnects or the lobby crashes before the first minute and first kill of the game, simply remake the game with the same characters on the same map.
  • If the disconnect or lobby crash occurs after the first minute or first kill, the match must be remade with the same characters, on the same map, with the same score. Example below
  • If the round score was 2-1 then create a new game on the same map and defeat each other for free until the score is reset. Repeated disconnects may result in a forfeit. 

1. Match Settings

  • Game Mode: Duel 1v1
  • Map Selection: The Pit, The Sanctuary, The Ring (In this order)


  • Auto Add Bots = Off
  • Default Bot Ranking = Auto
  • Rounds to Win = Best of 5 rounds
  • Round Timer = 5 minutes
  • Gear stats = off
  • Renown = Feast Disabled


  • Damage = Normal
  • Revenge = off
  • Radar = off

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