EAX Fifa 19 Season 1
Registrations Closed
Registered Player Count : 29


Registrations Closed

Get ready for the EARLY AXES Fifa 19 League!

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the best of them all?

Can you take on our current champion from the innaugural competition, BoWie10 himself?

Only time will tell.  grab your favorite team and see how you match up!

All Players are required to enter via The Early Axes Website.
All Players are required to fill in all details on the registration form and gamer tags (GT’s) are required for approval

Admins and Referees
All participants in the leagues must adhere to the decisions and rules of Early Axes Admin members. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated.

3.1 No show
Each player has 15 minutes to show up to a match. Not showing up within 15 minutes results in a default loss. The Player that did not show will end up being marked as “Forfeit”


3.2 Results

Both Players are required to submit their end of round results to the dedicated Early Axis Admin. The Dedicated Admin will then check both results and submit the results to the official Early Axis Webpage. When Results have been submitted to the webpage the results are final and cannot be changed.


3.3 Golden Goal

If a game ends up in a draw, the match will then be re played with the same teams and settings. The new match is over when one of the players scores a goal. A screen shot of both matches from both players must be submitted in order to confirm the results.


Match Setting
All Players/participants are to follow the official Early Axes rules. Other agreed upon game settings are not allowed.


4.1 Creating a Match

You can create a match via the Online Friendlies option in the “Play’ Menu using the following setting

Half length: 6 minutes
Controls: Any
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

4.2 Team Selection

Players are allowed to play with any team available in the game excluding any super/special team.  No custom teams allowed.


4.3 Custom Formations

All Players must use the preset EA Formations.

Players are not allowed to use custom created ones. Using a custom created formation will result in a match loss or forfeit.


Starting a Match
Follow these steps to start the match:

Add opponent to friends list
Go to the online tab
Select 'Online Friendlies'
Select the 'Lobby' settings found in point 3.1.
Invite your opponent
Start the match
4.2. Connection Issues
If you encounter connection issues during a match, please notify your dedicated Admin. The admin will make a decision depending on the situation.  If a player lags out before the starting whistle blows the game can be rehosted with same teams as original match.  It is also recommended that the player with the best connection should host the game.

TMG StingrayTMG
Civil Frozbyte
maxisboss 13
xX Ghost61Elite
Strauss II 5 II

Pool 1

Standing Team Played Won Lost Forfeit Total Score

Pool 2

Standing Team Played Won Lost Forfeit Total Score