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Who will Rise above all.


  • The player from the top side of the bracket is responsible for adding the opposing player on Xbox One, inviting the opposing player, and selecting the correct match settings. Matches started with incorrect settings must be remade immediately, or match will be void.
  • If players are having issues inviting each other, restart all consoles and try again.


  • Up until Final: Best of 3 (one map with 5 rounds)
  • Finals and onwards are Best 3 out of 5 maps. Each map is 5 Rounds.
  • The tournament bracket will be double elimination.

Match Settings

  • Game Mode: Duel 1v1
  • Maps Selection: The Pit, The Sanctuary, The Ring (maps will be played in this order)
  • Character Selection: All characters are allowed


  • Auto Add Bots = Off
  • Default Bot Ranking = Auto
  • Rounds to Win = Best of 5 rounds
  • Round Timer = 5 minutes
  • Gear stats = off
  • Renown = Feats Disabled


  • Damage = Normal
  • Revenge = off
  • Radar = off


No standings are available at this moment