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welcome and thank you for joining the EAX league. once registered and signed up please be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules that can be found in the rules section as well as join the discord channel by following the link below. All arrangements will be given via discord. join the appropriate group within the channel to stay up to speed with what is happening in the league.

Registration open today ( 3 may) and will close on 3 june!

Please note a minimum of 8 players/teams will be needed to make the tournament active

thank you for being part of the EAX leagues.


join the discord channel here: https://discord.gg/M4nPX26

Game Rules:

  • Rule set: Competitive
  • High bandwidth: On
  • Game mode:Best of Three
  • Map rotation: Single map
  • Return to lobby: After a game
  • The higher seed starts the map veto
    • Available maps: King's Row, Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Ilios, Route 66, Eichenwalde, Oasis, Horizon Lunar Colony, Junkertown, Blizzard World, Rialto & Busan
  • Hero selection limit: 1 per team
  • Disable kill cam: On

General Rules:

  • In case of a tie on Assault, Hybrid or Escort a preset Best of One Control map is to be played. The team that captures the first objective fully, on the first point of the control map will win the tied map 
    Please note: Control maps picked in from the map pool are to be played as a Best of Three
  • Recordings and/or screenshots from each round are required.
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