Wingman 2 v 2 Siege Xbox
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Registrations Closed

Do you have an ultimate wingman that always has your back?

Then sign up for the wingman 2 v 2 Siege knoutouts and lets see if

you and your partner is the ultimate Wingman champs.
PC and Ps4

Registration are open now closes on 26 may

Knoutouts will be between 3 - 7 June may

Make sure to join the discord.


  1. Eligibility
  • All Teams are required to enter their Teams via The Early Axes E-Sports
  • All team captains are required to set up their clan profiles on the Early Axes E-Sports
  • Captains are responsible for correctly adding/approving their respective team members.
  • Captains or Admins of clans are responsible for registering their clans and selecting the players which will participate in the EAX R6S League.
  • All Participating members must reside in the Southern African Region, this includes (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Lesotho, and Swaziland) or the Middle-East.
  • No Players or participants from countries outside the stipulated region are allowed.
  1. 2 How to set up a clan profile
  • When entering the Early Axes E-Sports website for the first time, you will be asked to register and create an account.
  • The clan Captain/ Profile admin will set up the clan profile by adding the clan name and uploading a clan, or team emblem.
  • After the clan profile has been created, Team Captains/admins can share the clan/team profile link with their team members.
  • Clan members will then register an account on the Early Axes E-Sports Website and then register for the clan they are currently a part of. Clan Captains/Admins will need to approve each member.
  • When registering for the League, the Clan Captain/Admin will need to click on the current Early Axes League page and select the Early Axes R6S League.
  • After selecting the league you want to participate in, you will be prompted to add your team members to the league.
  • When all your team members have been added to the league, your team/clan will be visible on the league which was selected and your team/clan will be marked as a participant in that league.
  1. Technical Issues
  • Players are responsible for their own hardware and internet connection.
  • Matches will only be rescheduled with both teams and organizers consent.
  • If technical issues arise with a player and the substitute cannot fill in, the match will be forfeited.
  • If the technical issue is of such nature that it affects all parties the Organizers and the teams, will discuss the matter and arrange for a later date.

4.3 No show

If a Team is not ready or does not show 15min after the starting time, the team that did not show will be marked as Forfeit.

4.4 Protests

If a controversial situation, not described by this rulebook, occurs during a match, the team that has spotted it should immediately stop the match and inform the administrator about it. If the team does not stop the match and continues to play, it will be taken as an acceptance of the situation. Because of that, the team will lose all rights to file a protest concerning that situation after the game has ended. Protests must be made immediately, or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances.

4.5 Match Results

Send your Results on Discord

Both Teams are responsible to take and send a screenshot of the end of round results (or notify an Early Axes administrator of the results with both teams in acceptance of those results), this is of vital importance that both teams submit these screenshots to the allocated admin of the match. This is to confirm that the results are correct and both teams are in agreement.

After the results have been checked, the allocated match Admin will upload the results and the results will be final.

If there are any disputes after a match has been finalized please contact the administrative staff of Early Axes.

4.6 Player drops

If a player drops from the server during a match, the round will continue uninterrupted until the end (Round starts with the first second of the preparation phase). If the dropped player cannot return for any reason during the match, the player who disconnected will be allowed to re-join the server before the start of the next map.


4.8 Illegal Actions

Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug and glitch using of any kind. In a tournament by using any bug or glitch, The Guilty team will be forfeited from that match.




  1. Game setting and Setup.


Plattform Kind of Gameaccount
PC Uplay
Playstation 4 PSN Online ID
  • All players need to enter their correct game account associated to the platform in their EAX profile before the start of the tournament.

5.1 Settings

Matches have to be played with the following settings:

  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: PRO LEAGUE

5.5 Match Settings (A match equals 1 map)

Best out of 1

  • Number of Rounds: 6
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 4
  • Overtime score difference: 2
  • Overtime role change: 1
  • Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker unique spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 20
  • Damage handicap: 100
  • Friendly fire damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Off



  • 10 consecutive seconds.
  • Time per round 180 seconds

5.7 Operators 

  • Lion, and shield operators are not allowed!
  • All other operators are allowed.

5.8 Map Pool

  1. House

PUFF Ecl9pse
U N K N X W N 8
PUFF Apollo
PUFF TitaniumZz
TEO Crudest
AgiIe Tunic
Agile Manifesto
No standings available at the moment.