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EAX is doing it GEARS STYLE!

Grab your lancers, grab your armour!  its League time!


Registration will be open until end of November!  Play will start in December!


All Matches are to be played on Xbox One with controller, unless otherwise stated.



All Matches are to be played 5v5, unless otherwise stated.



All Matches are to be played on Gears 5’s Escalation game mode, unless otherwise stated.


5.3 MAPS

All Games are to be played on one of the following Maps:

  • Asylum
  • Bunker
  • District
  • Exhibit
  • Icebound
  • Training Grounds
  • Vasgar

Administration reserves the right to change Maps at any time.

5.4.2 BEST OF 3

The Higher Seeded Team will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the Map Ban process.

The Map Ban process is as follows:

  1. Team A bans 1 Map
  2. Team B bans 1 Map
  3. Team B picks Map 1
  4. Team A picks Faction for Map 1
  5. Team A picks Map 2
  6. Team B picks Faction for Map 2
  7. Team A bans 1 Map
  8. Team B bans 1 Map
  9. Remaining Map becomes Map 3
  10. Team A picks Faction for Map 3

*For Online: Team that picks faction will Host match.

*For Offline: Match must be hosted on Neutral Host.



The Host & Players will abide by the following settings.



Fill with Bots: Off

Bot Difficulty: Casual

Round Score Limit: 250

Respawn Escalation: -1 Second

Friendly Fire: On

Weapon Respawns: After Pickup

Aim Assist: Assist Disabled

Use Lives: On

Initial Lives: 5

Max Lives: 5

Restore Game (LAN): Off



  1. Lancer
  2. Gnasher
  3. Snub Pistol


  • Each Team is only allowed one iteration of any character on their Team at one time, irrespective of character skin. For example, “Esports Kait” is the same as “Armored Kait”.
  • A single COG Team is only allowed 2 female characters.
  • A single COG Team cannot have one Player using a Marcus skin and another using Batista.

The following Character skins are banned from Gears Esports play:

  • Terminator (Swarm)

The following weapon skins are banned from Gears Esports play:

  • Black Phantom

Skin violations must be flagged to Tournament admins on Discord prior to the end of the map the violation occurs on. In the event a violation is confirmed, the disputing Team will have the option to restart the Map. Disputing Teams must be able to provide video proof of the violation otherwise the dispute will not be considered.

Administration reserves the right to restrict additional Character and Weapon skins at any time.


All Spectators, whether streaming or not, must be approved by both teams. Between each Map either Team may request the Spectator be removed from the match. This request must be honored by the lobby’s host.

If Spectators wish to stream, please make sure to check Section 9.1.1 Broadcast Rules.


If a single Player disconnects at the beginning of a round (prior to any Player’s being killed, rings being captured or a power weapon being picked up), Teams should attempt to return to their spawns and allow the Player to reconnect. Once the Player reconnects, the Player should be killed by his/her Team until they have the correct number of lives. If Teams cannot confirm or agree upon the correct number of lives, then that Player is to begin with 3 lives. Once the Player has the correct amount of lives and the Teams are ready to go, the Captains should use Xbox Live messaging or in-game chat to agree on an in-game time to begin play.

If more than one Player disconnects, or a Player disconnects after another Player has been killed, a ring has been captured or a power weapon has been picked up, the process is as follows:

  1. Round is to be finished with the Players still in the lobby.
  2. At the end of the round, Teams are required to take a screenshot or video of the scoreboard and the overhead map with the current weapon placements.
  3. At the start of the next round, the host is to return all Players to the Lobby.
  4. Once all Players have entered the lobby and the game has been launched, Teams should recreate the weapon placements and round score through to the round the Player(s) disconnected. The COG team should dominate each round by capturing all three rings until they’ve reached the correct round score, then the Swarm team. Please note that weapon selections made following the round Player(s) disconnected are not considered “current” and can be changed. Only weapon placements made prior to the round Player(s) disconnected must be honored.
  5. At the start of the next round, Players should kill one another using friendly fire until every Player has one more life than they did at the end of the round before the restart. In the event Teams cannot confirm or agree upon the lives remaining for any given Player, that Player is to begin with 3 lives.


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